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Response to film and Expository Paper (5-8 pages)
Film  Choices: Once Were Warriors (1994), The Great Santini (1979) Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner (2000), Precious (2009),  Antwone Fisher (2002). The purpose of this assignment is to help you organize and communicate your thoughts and feelings to the subject of family violence as depicted by a film. 
Brief Explanation:
In addition to entertaining us, movies offer detailed portrayals of human behavior and psychology.  Your task in this assignment is to analyze FROM A PSYCHOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE the behaviors and events depicted in one of the films.  Keep in mind that you are NOT being asked to critique the film in terms of its value as a work of art, or as entertainment, and this is not a film review or a written explanation of the movie.  Rather, you should think carefully about the human actions and events portrayed in the film.  Personal experiences or opinions should NOT be included in your paper, and know that your paper should present research and information on CAUSE, SYMPTOMS, and TREATMENTS, even if each of these is not portrayed in the film.
Research & Structure:
–           You must locate at least four (4) reputable, professional journal articles on the topic to use as references for your paper.  These journal articles are accessible via the electronic system in the Golden Gate University Library.  Check with Library staff for assistance.  Although scientific texts are appropriate in many cases, they are NOT acceptable for this assignment.  The only exception is the DSM-V (the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders), and only for defining the disorder. ALSO, DO NOT USE magazine articles, newspapers, Reader’s Digest, Psychology Today, or any other unscientific sources. 
–           Any paper that does not use ONLY journal articles as sources, or that does not cite research, or that is not written in APA format, or that otherwise does not fulfill the basic requirements of this assignment will not be graded, and will receive a zero.
–           Since policing the Internet is not possible, Internet sources are NOT considered reputable, and CANNOT be used as research.  (note:  Electronic access to Ohlone Library sources is acceptable, but Internet sources are not.   
–           The Response to Film Expository Paper is to have five (5) to eight (8) pages of double-spaced text, typewritten in 12 point characters (use Times New Roman font); do not count the cover page or references page.  If you follow these guidelines, there is no reason that you cannot pass this assignment.
Students often ask me to decide for them what structure their paper should take.  I leave that to you, however.  You can choose which scenes to describe and evaluate in your paper.
View the film you choose at least once.  (Two viewings may offer a distinct advantage).  Then, after reviewing your notes and readings:
(a) Briefly describe the relevant scene, providing details about what aspect of family violence was depicted in the film.
(b) Describe in detail how what occurred in the film directly impacted the child/children and what trauma was endured, what trauma responses occurred because of domestic violence and/or child abuse, how did the system cope, and what did the child need that was not provided?
(c) How would you as a child and family therapist intervene and what theoretical orientation, approach, would you take into consideration? 
(d) As a therapist, what interventions would you use when treating this child and family? What safety risks and concerns come up as you watch this film and how would this be integrated into your treatment plan?

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