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Refer to Module/Chapter 2 – Negative/Bad News Message – Request Refusal  (25 points total) 
Planning Instructions: 
Step 1:  Begin your planning by first preparing the Audience Analysis Worksheet attachment for the scenario below.
Step 2:  Next, plan your communication strategy using the Problem-Solving Approach Blank Worksheet attachment.
Step 3: Next, use the information from your Audience Analysis Worksheet and Planning Using the Problem-Solving Approach worksheets to complete the Negative Message Outline worksheet.
Step 4:  Write the message to using the information from the Negative Message Outline worksheet for a Bad News-Refused Request (using the appropriate document format/open/body/close) and appropriate writing style. Save the message file using the following format: Lastname-Firstname-Negative Response (For example: Carcioppolo-Joann-Negative Response).
Assignment Instructions: 
This is the communication necessary in conducting the company’s business.
The suggestions for writing these messages are much the same as for those types previously discussed. The need for clarity, correctness, and courtesy should guide these efforts.
To write this message, writers should do the following:

Organize using the indirect order and the message plan(s) for a refused request message
Use a strategic buffer that is neutral and/or positive
Present the bad news positively
Choose the appropriate tone (casual, moderately formal, or formal)
Be clear and courteous
Order the information logically
Offer an alternative solution
Close in a way that is positive and builds goodwill

Write the message to meet the indirect-order message plan for a Refused Request message (appropriate document format/open/body/close) and appropriate writing style
Background Scenario:
During a recent storm, several trees fell on Elizabeth Sampson’s porch, damaging the porch and its roof. Ms. Sampson claimed the trees belonged to Nelson Insurance’s client, so the claims field representative, Carl Anderson, inspected the damage. Mr. Anderson discovered that the trees were on Ms. Sampson’s side of the lot line. Ms. Sampson contested Mr. Anderson’s investigation and took her claim to the field claims manager, Mee Vue. She reviewed Ms. Sampson’s claim and responded with the message below.
Ineffective Message to Rewrite
July 1, 2014
Ms. Elizabeth Sampson
10586 California Avenue
Hayward, WI  54843 Dear Ms. Sampson:
As you requested I have completed a review of this matter. I am sorry but I agree with our representative’s assessment that we are not responsible for the claim. As you are aware Carl Anderson, field claims representative, completed a comprehensive investigation your claim. You claimed that you believe our insured, Mr. Conrad Dodge, is responsible for the cost of replacing the porch roof the dented siding and the torn screens because the trees that fell were his. Nelson Insurance has secured a copy of the most recent survey of the properties I have enclosed a copy of those documents.
My review of this matter has come to the same conclusion as Mr. Anderson’s review.
Unfortunately, we simply cannot honor your claim the current survey of your property and Mr. Dodge’s property clearly shows that the trees are yours. While I can understand your disappointment you can obviously see these are your trees if you look at the survey. Therefore, Nelson Insurance has determined the following your claim lacks legal standing and our insured is not liable to you in any way.
If you have any further evidence that you wish for me to consider please provide it to me and I will review that information promptly. If you have any questions or concerns I can be contacted at 715-432-4321, ext. 4. I apologize for any inconvenience.

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Note: The Audience Analysis, Planning/Problem-Solving, and Message Outline worksheet forms are available as a fillable PDF file.

Audience Analysis Checklist [FILLABLE BLANK WORKSHEET].pdfActions
Using the Problem-Solving Strategy for Planning the Message [FILLABLE WORKSHEET].pdfActions
Negative Message Outline Worksheet [FILLABLE WORKSHEET].pdfActions

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