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1. A good example of postmodern theory in practice can be seen in:

A.shared symbols such as the American flag reality television shows

C.artwork produced in the 19th century semiotics that disqualify ordinary citizens from an understanding of the law

2. Poststructural theories emerged mainly as a critique of:

A.postmodern theories

B.critical/Marxist theories

C.feminist theories

D.structural theories

3. According to ___________ knowledge is never separate from power but is instead a specific means for exercising power.





4. During his early works, Baudrillard was influenced by Marx, which led him to develop a critique of:

A.penal systems/punishment

B.the mode of capitalist production


D.poststructuralist theories

5. Postmodern theorists, most importantly Boudrillard, developed a set of ideas that was critical of ___________ because it was believed to create false needs and result in the fusion of identities to commodities.

A.mass production

B.reality television

C.leisure activities


6. French Structuralism is rooted in the underlying structures governing:





7. The term semiotics refers to the study of:

A.robots that drive

B.language used on traffic signs

C.signs in linguistics

D.all sign and symbol systems

8. Foucault’s key concern regarding Panoptical technologies was:

A.The internalization of surveillance

B.the prohibitive cost of construction

C.that surveillance was ineffectual

D.that they endorsed Victorian ideas about sexuality

9. Structuralism sees disorder and chaos in language, while the poststructuralist sees order and stability.



10. Foucault thought that archaeology was a good method for:

A.The analysis of the genealogy of power

B.Historical discourse analysis

C.Examining clinics and medicine

D.The deconstruction of reality

11. Foucault argued that part of the taken-for-granted operating procedures for social institutions include:

A.Discursive knowledge exchanges

B.Rational-legal authority structures

C.The incorporation of technologies for surveillance

D.None of the above

12. Baudrillard was heavily influenced by George Homans.



13. Lyotard argued that what is considered “knowledge” depends on its translatability into rational systems of knowledge.



14. Lyotard’s premise in his “mercantilization of knowledge” thesis was that the postmodern era prevents knowledge from becoming:

A.Widely known

B.Culturally relevant

C.Fixed in a single ideology

D.All of the above

15. Jean Baudrillard’s conception of simulacra refers to

A.copies of objects for which there is no true original

B.the French understanding of conception “simulation.”

C.consumer goods bought over the internet

D.language that is inherent to internet culture

16. One of the reasons signs no longer convey clear and simple meaning according to Baudrillard is due to:

A.a disconnect between citizens and their respective governments

B.consumer goods creating a cultural world of unstable meaning

C.due to the rise in languages both on and offline

D.the creation of hypertext within html environments

17. Lyotard uses which of the following terms to refer to the rational functionality of contemporary societies?



C.mercantilization of knowledge


18. For Lyotard, what is the underlying problem we suffer in “the postmodern condition”?

A.Inability to form universal truth

B.All interaction based upon capitalist relations

C.Inability to generate a plurality of voices

D.All social relations subsumed by rationality

19. Which of the following is true regarding metanarratives?

A.They are non-paradigmatic systems of knowledge

B.Since meta, contain non-credible worldviews

C.Provide a basis for truth claims to be made

D.A narrative is insufficient to judge knowledge validity

20. While postmodernists avoid metatheoretical frameworks, the authors’ believe Baudrillard’s orientation to action is profoundly





21. Simulation is no longer that of a territory, a referential being or a substance. It is the generation by models of a real without origin or reality:

A.a hyperreal alternate

C.a simulacra

D.a falsehood

22. Postmodernism is a clearly understood and singularly defined concept.



23. “Buy this car because it is made well” is an example of imagistic advertising.



24. In a postmodern society symbols no longer refer directly to concrete reality.



25. Post-modernists believe the legitimacy of science is derived from truth.



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