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1) First, watch this video on tips for writing case notes:

In this, she provides an example for how she uses a template to create case notes. You will be creating your own- it does not need to be the same one that she uses for her clients.
Next, watch two intervention episodes on the Youtube show, “The Therapist.”
Diving Deeper into DeJ Loaf’s Depression | The Therapist
Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Confronts His Childhood Trauma | The Therapist 
THEN – Create a template that you will use to summarize a session with the person in the PER episode (they should be total of two). Your template should make space to include the following:
a) Client’s physical appearance, affect, demeanor, general body language. 
b) Client’s psychological state, i.e. sadness, depression, anxious etc.
c) Client’s behavioral concerns, i.e. noncompliance, aggression, short tempered, withdraw.
d) Stressors discussed in the session and how these have affected the Client.
e) Therapeutic and psychotherapeutic interventions that you used in the session? Think of all theories learned. Focus on how you built rapport.
f) Describe and explore the outcome of the session. Describe how the client felt at the end of the session and compare to the Client’s feelings at the beginning. Describe any improvements or decline.
g) How did this assignment relate/contribute to your professional development as a social worker?

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