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Provide a short write-ups on various industry-related articles that you research and review. Select the article wisely and with attention to topics that will be interesting and engaging to everyone in the class as we will present and discuss these articles on one class meeting during the week. 
Good Starting Points:
BizTech (new window)
Computerworld (new window)
TechCrunch (new window)
Microsoft MSDN (new window)
eWeek (new window)
CSO (new window)

Detailed Instructions:
Locate and read any contemporary article (within 12 months) of your choosing that relates to the topic of one of the units in this course. Two flavors of the write-up are to be produced: one that you organize as a document for submission to the correct assignment folder for that article and the second version of it will be summary in nature and posted to the discussion area for sharing and commenting within your discussion groups. Both are described below:
Version 1 (post to the correct assignment folder):
Provide a short summary of the article that includes/addresses the following:
Your name, the date, article # (1, 2, 3), title of the article, and URL of source you reviewed.
Why you selected this article.
Describe at least two things you learned from the article including how they add to your knowledge of Global Information Technology as well as how they connect to concepts covered in MIS-4310.
Anything else you would like to include in the write-up.

Version 2 (post to discussion area):
This is a summarized version of your write-up for sharing within your team discussion groups as a posted thread that you can copy & paste directly into the text box of a new posting for quick review by others. 
In the posting itself, include in the subject line of the new post your name and a (very) short title of the article to make it visually efficient to select and review by name. The body of your summary can be copied directly from the body of your original version posted to the drop-box. The goal is to be brief and informative, but interesting.
To earn full credit on the interaction portion of this activity, within each team discussion group you should read a minimum of three (3) other posts within your discussion group and provide substantive comments or feedback in the form of a reply on at least two (2) of the posts by other members of your discussion group.

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