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assignemt 546

The low-effort hierarchy of effects illustrates that the decision-making process typically follows a pattern of consumers thinking very little before deciding, and beliefs, often based on basic familiarity, lead directly to choice. 

Please, write a 4–6-page essay (includes cover page and reference page) that addresses the following questions based on this week’s readings and discussions.  Essay must be in APA format with at least two (2) in-text citations and references. Students are required to use at least one source outside of your textbook and to include citations as well as your references page.

1. Explore how in low-effort decision-making processes unconscious factors can influence consumer behavior.  Consumers decide without being consciously aware of how or why they are doing it. What factors can marketers use to influence unconscious consumer decisions in situations like this?  Give examples from your own personal consumer experience to illustrate how we may be influenced to make purchases.

2. How does the concept of “operant conditioning” apply to consumer behavior?  Do you see this concept in your own consumer behavior for some products/services?  What did you find reinforcing experiences?  What did you find punishing experiences?  How did these experiences “teach” you about future purchasing decisions?

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