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Research Paper Guidelines & Topics

You are required to complete a 2250-word APA style formatted research paper. On your syllabus, you may choose from one of the listed theories or one of the listed individual serial offenders and the backgrounds and other causal factors associated with their criminal behaviors as your topic for your research paper. If you select a serial offender, you must clearly describe and explain a of criminal behavior associated with their criminal activities. Detailed instructions for this research paper can be found on the syllabus. Your research paper will be due by the end of Module 7. You should review all the instructions and begin working on your research paper. This research paper will be submitted to Chalk and Wire.  (Chalk and Wire is linked to Turnitin.)

You research paper topic must address one of the following topics and the Saint Leo Core Value of Excellence must be integrated in the paper as well:

Theories of Psychopathy and Violent Criminal Behaviors 
Theories of Sociopathic Disorders
Antisocial Personality Disorders and Criminal Behaviors 
Rational Choice Theory 
Biological Theory
Social Learning Theory
Social Bonding Theory
Social Disorganization Theory
Differential Association Theory
Conflict Theory
Control Theory
Anomie and Strain Theories
Labeling Theory
Routine Activity Theory
Developmental Theory
Victimization Theory
The Theoretical Motivations for Committing Homicide Followed by Suicide 
The Theoretical Motivations for Serial Killings
The Theoretical Motivations for Joining Street Gangs
The Theoretical Motivations for Use of Excessive Force by Police Officers 
The Theoretical Motivations for Elder Abuse 
Postpartum Depression and Criminal Behaviors 
The Theoretical Motivations Criminal Behaviors for Spree Killers
The Theoretical Motivations for Teen Shoplifting




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