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DOC690 Doctoral Study Proposal

Module 1 Case


Case Assignment

The Annotated Bibliography

Prepare a draft annotated bibliography. Select a topic, preferably one of your established topic areas you may pursue for your DSP. Select 10 articles for the bibliography. The bibliography must have 10 entries critically analyzed, to include the following:

Author’s abstract

Your version of an abstract

Strengths and weaknesses of each article

Assignment Expectations

Students should demonstrate their understanding of an annotated bibliography and the important role it plays in their DSP. They also should have at least 10 articles correctly formatted and analyzed with the author’s abstract, their version of the abstract, and strengths and weaknesses of each article.


DOC690 Doctoral Study Proposal

Module 1 SLP


Please revise and submit your Literature Review – Chapter 2. If you have not already done so, insert it into the current version of the DSP template available under the Forms & Templates tab of the DBA Doctoral Resources guide.

Remember, your Literature Review should demonstrate your mastery of the literature and include the following key items:

Chapter Introduction

Briefly introduce the major components of the research study being examined. This should include reference to your two theories or models being used as the literary foundation.


Provide an explanation of how the literature was researched, to include keywords used, specific databases used, and the types of publications used.

Organizational Analysis and Benchmarking

Provide comparison of the organization within its industry. This should also include an explanation of internal and/or external benchmarks used by the organization and industry as a means for comparison or tracking progress. Industry analysis resources relevant to your organization may be available in IBISWorld.

Topics and Subtopics

This should be the bulk of the chapter. This is an organized list of the major components within the conceptual and theoretical frameworks, as well as the key issues relevant to the business problem being evaluated in your study. Students should expect to continue refining these topics and subtopics until final proposal approval in DOC700.

Present historical research as well as research related to the topic of study within the past 5 years. Include appropriate scholarly source citations for each assertion. Ensure the discussion has depth and presents a critical analysis and synthesis of the literature that provides a context for the Doctoral study. Discuss conflicting findings and/or theoretical positions causing intellectual tension in the field. Ensure the discussion is comprehensive, organized, and flows logically.

Methods and Design Literature

Explain empirical studies (those where authors conducted research studies) relevant to your topic or that utilized similar methods and designs related to your proposed study. This provides a foundational rationale for determining why you believe your chosen method and design will be beneficial to your study topic. The rationale may be complementary (similar to your method/design) or contrasting (stating that your method/design has not been used to examine this topic previously). Provide at least three empirical references that describe methods, designs, and the instruments used for data collection.

Note: This is NOT an explanation of your method and design. It is focused solely on prior research to show your reader that you understand prior research as rationale for your drafted Chapter 3.

Chapter Summary

Provide a recap of the major concepts and theories used as the foundation of your literature review. Summary should briefly transition the reader to the next chapter of the DSP.

SLP Assignment Expectations

SLP submission must be in the required DSP Template.

30-40 pages in length is required for final Chapter 2 draft in DOC700.

Students are expected to have a minimum of 15 pages completed in Chapter 2 for this assignment. At least 20-30 pages is required in the final Chapter 2 draft in Module 5 SLP.

50+ references is expected for the final DSP proposal draft in DOC700.

Conforms to all structural, grammatical, and APA 7th edition conventions.

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