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DOC690 Doctoral Study Proposal

Module 4 Case


Assignment Overview

Within Module Case 4 you will conduct a peer-review of a fellow classmate’s DSP prospectus (Chapters 1-3). The Peer Review Process is an essential activity within the academic community. The process assists in the quality assurance and a formal/critical review of scholarly writing and research. The peer-review process also allows for additional viewpoints and critiques of one’s academic work to aid and assist within the editing and content continuous improvement of one’s scholarly writing.

Case Assignment

It is very important that you provide the author with constructive criticism and structure on improving the DSP prospectus. In your review it is essential to know what specific changes you would like to see based on the peer-review template that is provided. It is not enough to just point out potential problems with the proposed study. Highlight the problematic areas that you feel are critical and must be addressed. Where possible, provide suggestions or references on how to overcome these obstacles.

Provide review feedback of your assigned peer-DSP prospectus based on the following areas:

Conceptual Significance

The work represents an important contribution to knowledge. It extends or challenges present causal assumptions in the IS theory or knowledge base. It uses theories from IS or reference disciplines to explain the relationships among variables in the study. Ties to relevant literature are clear as is the thrust of the central argument. The work explicates underlying assumptions well and provides direction for extending or improving on the present research.

Practical Significance

The work contributes to our understanding of current technological and organizational problems or challenges faced by IS or other practitioners. In presenting an interesting paradigm or data analysis technique, it maintains readership interest.

Conduct of Research

Methods, subjects, and techniques are well suited to the exploration of the research questions. Where relevant, the work demonstrates appropriate operationalization of conceptual constructs and an acceptable degree of internal and/or external validity; the choice of statistical and/or mathematical analysis is appropriate as is the interpretation of results. Study results are objective and in such a form that other researchers could replicate the work. The work adheres to generally accepted standards for scientific ethics.

Logical Presentation of Research

The flow of ideas in the paper is logical and there is a clear tie between literature review and method and a clear link between method and results. The work is presented at a level of sophistication and length appropriate to the readership of an applied research project.

Clarity of the Writing

The work adopts a professional style and tone and is concise. It is grammatically correct and clear in its use of English language. Figures and tables are clear and understandable; accurate and descriptive titles, legends and labels are present.

Assignment Expectations

To complete this assignment, students will use the Module 4 Discussion forum to post their current DSP prospectus draft (Chapters 1-3). Students should then download one (or more) of their peer’s drafts for review. Students will create a Word document with the 5 review areas listed above as headings. The review should explain what the student did well in that area and specific recommendations for improvement in that area. When completed with the review, students should reply to the original discussion forum in order to provide the feedback to their peer. Students must also submit the review in the Case 4 Dropbox for grading.

Your assignment will be graded using the following criteria:

Assignment-driven Criteria: Student demonstrates mastery covering all key elements of the assignment

Critical Thinking/Application to Professional Practice: Student demonstrates mastery conceptualizing the problem, and analyzing information. Conclusions are logically presented and applied to professional practice in an exceptional manner.

Business Writing and Quality of References: Student demonstrates mastery and proficiency in written communication and use of appropriate and relevant literature at the doctoral level.

Citing Sources: Student demonstrates mastery applying APA formatting standards to both in text citations and the reference list.

Professionalism and Timeliness: Assignments are submitted on time.


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