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Review your program’s curriculum and goals and compare that to your current job/internship (if unemployed, reflect on a job/career that you desire to obtain in the future).
To complete the assignment, please follow the below instructions:
Review your program’s goals and curriculum on the UC Webpage and the UC Graduate Course Catalog:
Webpage Links found here:
Graduate Catalog:
Reflect on (research, if needed) your current (or future) job duties and responsibilities.

Assignment Details:
Part 1 – Identify a Problem

Problem solving starts by being able to identify existing problems, gaps in service, inefficient systems/processes, flawed policies, or any other areas of our job/career where improvement is needed. Identify a problem or gap at your workplace and explain why/how this problem exists.

Part 2 – Solve the Problem
Use your knowledge that you’ve learned in the program (or hope to learn in a future course) to implement a plan to solve the problem.

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