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DescriptionWriting Summaries of Scientific Journal
Articles (Article Summary Papers)
To earn the points for this experience, you may write up to ten article summary papers.
Article summaries are submitted via the GEP PSY 2012 Webcourses and
are NOT submitted to your instructor.
Each paper will be worth up to one (1) of your ten (10) points, depending on how
carefully you follow the instructions and rubric below.
What Should Be In An Article Summary?

Each paper needs to be between 800-1,000 words- no more and no less. Indicate the
total word count at the top of your paper on the first page.
You must also use 12-point Times New Roman font.
You need to save your file as either Microsoft Word format or rich text format (.rtf) in
order for the summary to be uploaded to Webcourses. It is your responsibility to
ensure that your file is saved correctly and in the correct file format before the
deadline. It is also your responsibility to ensure that you can successfully upload your

article summary into the system prior to the deadline and that your summary is
submitted in the correct assignment in this webcourse. Do not wait until the last
minute to upload your article summaries in case you experience technical problems.
Your paper will automatically be submitted to Turnitin upon submission, to determine
how another author’s work was used in the assignment. Make sure you take notes
while reading the selected article in your own words. Do not copy and paste directly
from the selected article because matches to other authors’ works of 30% or more
will result in an automatic zero (0) for the assignment.
At the top of your summary, you must include your name, the name of the article you
selected, the name of the journal that the article was taken from, name of the authors
of the article, and your total word count. An example is below:
o Student name
o Name of article
o Name of journal that the article was in
o Authors names
o Word count
Your summary should not include any direct quotations from the article you selected.
Put everything in your own words and do not summarize the abstract section of the
You should summarize a recent research journal article from one of the American
Psychological Association (APA) journals listed in the table below. Please note that
you will receive a zero if your summary is on a paper that is not from one of the
journals listed below and/or it is not clear from your title page whether you used one
of these journals.
Remember! If you upload your file in any format that is not Microsoft Word
(.doc or .docx) or rich text format (.rtf) your paper will receive a zero. Also,
you will receive deductions if you do not follow all of the instructions carefully
(see below grading rubric).
List of Approved Journals for Article Summaries
List of Approved Journals for Article Summaries (you must select an article from on
Paper Rubric
Include all
Includes at least 3
Includes less than 3
Name, Name of Article &
Journal, Article Author Name,
Article taken from list provided,
Total word count provided
0.25 point
0.13 points
0 points
200-399 Words or
800-1000 Words
600-799 Words with 400-599 Words with
less than 25%
**199 or Less Words will
with 75% Summary & 50% Summary with 25% Summary with
Summary with more receive NO points for the
25% Opinion of the 50% Opinion of the 75% Opinion of the
than 75% Opinion of submission
the article
Summary/Opinion Breakdown
Word Count
0.75 points
0.50 points
0.25 points
0 points
0 on the overall assignment
Total Points: 1.00
Please be very careful to follow all of these instructions because you will receive
deductions (out of the 1.0 possible point) for each mistake (graded independently for
each paper). Here is the grading rubric we will use on your summary:
*We will utilize when grading article summaries. This is an automated
system instructors can use to quickly and easily compare each student’s assignment with
billions of websites, published articles, as well as an enormous database of student
papers that grows with each submission. The system assigns a plagiarism score and a
score to indicate if an AI was used to write the submission. You will be expected to
submit assignments through the Webcourse Assignment Tool in electronic format. After
the assignment is processed, a report is generated from that states if and
how another author’s work was used in the assignment. An overall score for the use of
others work is generated as well as a score for the detection of AI in the submission. For
a more detailed look at this process, visit http://www.turnitin.comLinks to an external
site.. If there is an excessive plagiarism match (i.e., 30% or more) or high AI detection (i.e.,
50% or more) based on the Turnitin report, you will receive a zero (0) for the
submission, not just a point reduction. In addition, your professor may be notified so that
they can take corrective action. Please see the University’s Golden Rule Student
HandbookLinks to an external site. for the policy regarding academic misconduct. If the
excessive plagiarism match or high AI detection score is above the noted cut-offs, you
can resubmit the assignment one additional time before the due date to fix the issue.
However, after the second submission, if the plagiarism or AI score is above the noted
cut-offs, the score of zero will be assigned, and it will not be reconsidered or regraded.
**If a submission has less than a 200-word summary it will receive a zero (0). This
assignment is designed to assess your ability to examine the content of a journal article,
a very short summary is not sufficient.

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