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MBD-2 3/5 Assignment

  1. Listen to the podcast “Uncertainty Avoidance in International Business” by Chris Smit.
  2. Watch the video “What is a Podcast? Here’s How to Listen to a Podcast.”
  3. Select one country with a low uncertainty avoidance score and another country with a high avoidance score.
  4. Conduct research and understand the two selected countries’ uncertainty avoidance scores (low and high)
  5. As a consultant, develop a 500 – 600 words report comparing the low and high uncertainty avoidance countries. Remember, your report will be shared with the global managers at the retreat.
  6. Your report should include, but is not limited to, the following: 
    1. Explanation of uncertainty avoidance
    2. Profile/summation of selected countries
    3. Discussion of uncertainty avoidance for low and high countries
    4. Conclude your report by integrating a biblical principle surrounding rules. Review “What Does the Bible Say About Rules?”
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