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NRP507 Advanced Pharmacology

Week 2 Discussion

Ominous Octet

The “Ominous Octet” phrase coined by Dr. Ralph DeFronzo refers to eight main core defects contributing to hyperglycemia, occurring with diabetes.

In a minimum of 175-300 words, provide seven main core defects contributing to hyperglycemia. One main core is already provided in the example below.

Include the following in your response:

Organ: The organ that is contributing to the hyperglycemia

Defect: A phrase to describe the defect

Drug Class: At least one drug class (not drug name)that works on the defect

Mechanism of Action: Explain the mechanism of action

Why is it important for an FNP to understand each defect?


Organ: Pancreas

Defect: Decreased beta cell production

Drug Class: Sulfonylurea

Mechanism of Action: Stimulates release of insulin from beta cells

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