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NRP507 Advanced Pharmacology

Week 7 Discussion

Prescribing for Osteoporosis

The Bisphosphonates is the most common drug class used for osteoporosis treatment; there are four drugs in this class. Review the following scenario to answer the questions provided:


You have a 58-year-old Asian patient that had a Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA):

T score of -3.5 (hip), T score of -2.8 (spine). She also drinks 3 cups of tea daily, smokes ½ pack cigarettes x 25 years, BMI 20, + FH osteoporosis (mother), low calcium in diet, does walk a lot in daily life, no fragility fractures, no history steroids, no other meds.

Answer the following questions in a minimum of 175-300 words:

Which one of the bisphosphonate drugs would you recommend for her?

When should she have her next follow-up DEXA?

Would you offer any other specific medication(s)? Why or why not?

What do you believe are two priorities for patient education?

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