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NRP508 Health Policy And Role Of The Advanced Practice Nurse

Week 5 Assignment

Signature Assignment: Full Practice Autonomy

Assignment Content

This week you learned about the importance of strategically advancing evidence-based policy. In this assignment, you will advocate for “National Full-Autonomy Scope of Practice,” focusing on changing health policy and recognizing your role in advocating for “full practice” autonomy and why it is necessary.

Research using the AANP site to help you develop your case.

Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, with speaker’s notes, to make your case for full practice autonomy. Complete the following in your presentation:

Describe what full practice autonomy means.

Explain the importance of this issue and why it matters.

Summarize supporting and opposing viewpoints.

Describe how you would represent your case in the media and how you would expect it to influence change.

Explain who the first set of stakeholders is that you would want to appeal to. Why?

Provide references for all sources cited on a separate slide.

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