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NRP511 Advanced Pathophysiology

Week 1 Quiz

Question 1During an IgE-mediated hypersensitivity reaction, what causes bronchospasm?

Bronchial edema caused by the chemotactic factor of anaphylaxis

Bronchial edema caused by binding of the cytotropic antibody

Smooth muscle contraction caused by histamine bound to H1 receptors

Smooth muscle contraction caused by histamine bound to H2 receptors

Question 2Vaccinations are able to provide protection against certain microorganisms because of what?

Strong response from IgM

Level of protection provided by IgG

Memory cells for IgE

Rapid response from IgA

Question 3In the later stages of an inflammatory response, which phagocytic cell is predominant?





Question 4The common hay fever allergy is expressed through a reaction that is mediated by which class of immunoglobulins?




T cells

Question 5What is the inflammatory effect of nitric oxide (NO)?

Increases capillary permeability, and causes pain

Increases neutrophil chemotaxis and platelet aggregation

Causes smooth muscle contraction and fever

Decreases mast cell function, and decreases platelet aggregation

Question 6Where are antibodies produced?

Helper T lymphocytes

Thymus gland

Plasma cells

Bone marrow

Question 7A patient is admitted to the hospital with multiple myeloma (MM). Which diagnostic test should the healthcare professional assess as the priority?

Serum potassium level

Serum calcium level

Bone scan or limb x-rays

Bone marrow biopsy

Question 8Frequently when H1 and H2 receptors are located on the same cells, they act in what fashion?





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