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NRP511 Advanced Pathophysiology

Week 4 Discussion

Sexual Dysfunction

Option #1 Sexual dysfunction is an important component in a person’s health that can be taboo and difficult to discuss in the clinic setting.

Address the following:

Review the pathophysiology of erectile dysfunction (ED) and discuss any potential causes of the condition.

Why should you be concerned with cardiovascular health in your patient with ED?

Discuss the education you would provide to the patient, including how you would facilitate a discussion about sexual health, or what referrals you may consider for a patient with ED.

OR (not both)

Option #2 – STD

A 21 year old male reports to your office for std/sti screening. He reports having sex with men (MSM). He has no symptoms.

 Questions to consider – you don’t have to address them all.

What do you want to ask in the sexual history? There are also lots of resources out there for how to take a sexual history for different groups. Here’s one resource: Taking a sexual history

What concerns do you have and why?

What testing should you do? What route of testing will you perform? 

Why would you need to test for hepatitis A, B, and/or C?

What does the USPSTF guidelines say about screening this individual? Is this patient a candidate for PREP?

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