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NRP511 Advanced Pathophysiology

Week 6 Quiz

Question 1ADD/ADHD involves which of the following neurotransmitters in its pathophysiology? (choose the best answer)



dopamine and norepinephrine

norepinephrine and serotonin

Question 2Clinical manifestations of Parkinson disease are caused by a deficit in which of the brain’s neurotransmitters?

Gamma-aminobutyric acid




Question 3Which of the meninges closely adheres to the surface of the brain and spinal cord and follows the sulci and fissures?

Dura mater


Pia mater

Inner dura

Question 4Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) system abnormalities exist in a large percentage of individuals with what?


Major depression


Panic disorder

Question 5Where is the neurotransmitter, norepinephrine, secreted?

Somatic nervous system

Parasympathetic preganglion

Sympathetic postganglion

Parasympathetic postganglion

Question 6Which of the following gliomas is considered the highest grade and thus most serious?

Pilocytic astrocytoma

Astrocytoma multiforme

Anaplastic oligodendroglioma

Anaplastic Schwannoma

That’s not correct

Question 7Multiple sclerosis and Guillain-Barré syndrome are similar in that they both do what?

Result from demyelination by an immune reaction.

Cause permanent destruction of peripheral nerves.

Result from inadequate production of neurotransmitters.

Block acetylcholine receptor sites at the myoneuronal junction.

Question 8What is a common location to find a Schwannoma in the body?

in White Matter

on Cranial Nerve VIII

on the Optic Nerve

rising from the meninges along the spinal cord

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