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NRP511 Advanced Pathophysiology

Week 7 Discussion


Fibromyalgia has become a more common diagnosis in recent years and can come with a stigma. It is critical to not only have an accurate diagnosis but a clear understanding as to how this disease process contributes to symptoms. You have a patient present to the clinic today with Fibromyalgia in their past medical history and they describe diffuse pain “all over my body”.

Fibromyalgia can be looked at as a diagnosis of exclusion and often becomes a catch-all when we can’t explain what is happening.

Address the following (cite sources and justify answers):

Explain how you can be certain of the Fibromyalgia diagnosis. Should you always trust it is accurate because it is in their chart or because the patient says they have it?

Identify what questions you may ask this patient regarding this diagnosis and how it is relevant using pathophysiology.Identify and discuss potential causes and/or contributing factors for this pain pattern. (Hint: inflammation)

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