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NRP513 Clinical Applications Of Theory And Research

Week 2 Assignment

Introductions and Learning Team Charter

Introduce yourself to your EBP Committee members and complete your Learning Team Charter.

Step 1: Meet and Greet Your EBP Committee Members (Learning Team)

Resource: Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra Experience User Interface Tour

Meet and greet your EBP Committee members (Learning Team) using Collaborate, a one-click virtual meeting space that allows you to communicate in real-time and track communication threads or meeting details in one place.

Post a 175-word message in the group conversation introducing yourself to your EBP Committee members. Include the following:

Briefly share what you know about theory and its relation to quality care.

Provide meeting availability (days/times). Meetings can be recorded in case members are not able to attend. Members who did not attend can watch the recorded meeting and respond with their contribution.

Provide recommendations for a team name.

Step 2: Getting Started

Schedule a short meeting for this week to connect with your EBP Committee using Collaborate to prepare for your Week 3 learning team assignment.

Step 3: Learning Team Charter

Review the Learning Team Toolkit.

Create and submit the Learning Team Charter no later than Monday of this week.

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