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NRP513 Clinical Applications Of Theory And Research

Week 3 Assignment

Reading a Research Report: Resource Guide

Assignment Content

Now that you’ve covered foundational theory and concept analysis, you’re excited to focus on research reports. In closing remarks from your previous meeting, your committee voiced concerns around the challenges of reviewing research findings and disseminating research evidence. You’ve decided to develop a resource guide and summary for effectively reviewing a research report.

Review p. 95, including Box 3.3: Additional Questions for a Preliminary Review of the Study, in Ch. 3 of Nursing Research for guidance on identifying the structure of research articles.

Create a resource guide (handout) to share with your committee detailing the process of reading a research report (e.g. How To’s for Reading a Research Report). Include step-by-step instructions using the IMRAD format and accurate research terminology.

Write a 700-word summary detailing the process you outlined within your handout. This summary will serve as a companion to your handout and include any additional support information needed to ensure the topic of reading a research report is effectively explained.

Provide references for all sources cited.

Format your summary according to APA guidelines, including title and reference pages.

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