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NRP513 Clinical Applications Of Theory And Research

Week 4 Assignment

Quantitative Study

Assignment Content

When reviewing a research study, you must have the knowledge and skills to accurately read and interpret all parts of the study to determine its value in clinical practice.

In preparation for your Week 4 EBP Committee meeting, you are tasked with accurately identifying and describing the various sections of the report.

Review the attached quantitative research article that can also be found in the UOPX library.

Nurse Burnout Quantitative Article

Summary of a Research Report

Complete the Summary of a Research Report worksheet. Use the information in chapters from prior weeks as well as this week to help you accurately summarize the study to complete your Summary of a Research Report Worksheet. Complete the worksheet in its entirety; if certain questions do not apply to your study, state “n/a”; do not leave any blanks. Note that “n/a” and “no” are not synonymous. You can leave the “Link to article” line blank.

Include the following details in the appropriate sections:

Identify the type of design that is used in the study.

Using Tables 1 and 2, of Nursing Research, (Supplement to Ch.10a), locate the type of design described in the article.

Compare the design description in the study to the one in the tables and determine if there is any difference between the two.

Describe the data analysis to include specific statistical tests and the reason for selecting the specific tests for the study. If there is a test of a hypothesis, what are the results of the data analysis?

Results (findings)refer to the outcome of the statistical tests and not only general conclusions found under discussion or conclusions.

All answers must be substantive, using specific content from the article as support. Any answer that is the equivalent of “yes” or “no” will not receive full credit.

Review Box 10.1: “Guidelines for Critiquing Design Elements and Study Validity in Quantitative Studies” on p. 409 in Ch. 10 of Nursing Research to help you complete the form.

Include a title page and reference page.

Submit the worksheet with the questions followed by your answers (DO NOT DELETE THE QUESTIONS).

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