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NRP513 Clinical Applications Of Theory And Research

Week 5 Assignment

Critiquing a Quantitative Study

Assignment Content

Last week, your EBP committee focused on selecting quantitative studies related to the chosen clinical problem being investigated. Now it’s time to build your skills around critiquing quantitative studies.

Utilize the same research article that you used for the Week 4 Quantitative Study assignment

Nurse Burnout Quantitative Article

Complete the Guide to an Overall Critique of a Quantitative Research Report worksheet answering all questions that apply to the study. Complete the form in its entirety; if certain questions do not apply to the study, state “n/a”; do not leave any blanks. Note that “n/a” and “no” are not synonymous. You can leave the “Access” section blank.

All answers must be substantive, using specific content from the article as support. Any answer that is the equivalent of “yes” or “no” will not receive full credit.

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