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NRP513 Clinical Applications Of Theory And Research

Week 6 Assignment

Literature Search – Qualitative

Assignment Content

Your EBP committee is ready to continue moving forward. Conduct a search of the literature for qualitative studies on your problem utilizing the search plan submitted in Week 3. You may revise the plan as you conduct the search.

Meet as a committee, keeping in mind the virtual meeting space available through Collaborate. If using Collaborate and members cannot meet, record meetings and post them so members can review and provide their contribution.

As a committee, complete the following:

Locate a minimum of 1 qualitative academic research study per committee member. Each member should read all articles selected. Ensure that the selection of final articles reflects a group process and not simply each team member selecting an article and submitting.

DO NOT UTILIZE A META-SYNTHESIS OR CONTENT ANALYSIS THIS WEEK. If you are unsure about whether an article is appropriate, please send it to me via Private Message to review.

Use the Literature Search Activities in Bibliographic Databases Log to document your search process. Add your qualitative search results to the existing log completed in Week 4.

Write a 250-word addition to the summary of your search process and explain why you selected the articles you chose. You will be adding to the summary completed in Week 4; clearly identify the qualitative section in your existing summary using subheadings.

Add references to the existing reference page in the report using APA format.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines, including title and reference pages.

Submit the updated Literature Search Activities in Bibliographic Databases Log and summary as Microsoft Word documents.

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