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NRP513 Clinical Applications Of Theory And Research

Week 7 Assignment

Qualitative – Recording Key Methodologic Features

Assignment Content

Though the ability to read and accurately interpret and evaluate research reports is a needed skill for evidence-based practice, the strength of evidence needed for changing practice requires systematic reviews of literature. This week’s assignment is intended to help your committee develop skills to summarize and synthesize findings from qualitative studies. Synthesis is preferred but is only possible if the methods and findings are consistent from study to study.

Meet as a committee, keeping in mind the virtual meeting space available through Collaborate. If using Collaborate and members cannot meet, record meetings and post them so members can review and provide their contribution.

As a committee, complete the following:

Utilize the articles from the qualitative literature search from your Week 6 assignment as the basis for this assignment.

Update the Evaluation Matrix for Recording Findings, Strengths, and Weaknesses of Studies and the Methodologic Matrix for Recording Key Methodologic Features of Studies for a Literature Review worksheets to summarize key elements of each qualitative study with emphasis on findings. Note that for these qualitative studies, there will NOT be independent and dependent variables.

Write a 350- to 500-word addition to the synthesis of the key information from the qualitative articles. You will be adding to the synthesis completed in Week 5; clearly identify the qualitative section in your existing synthesis using subheadings.

Add references to the existing reference page in the report.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines, including title and reference pages.

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