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NRP513 Clinical Applications Of Theory And Research

Week 8 Assignment

Critiquing a Systematic Review

Assignment Content

Your committee Chair is pleased with all the work done up to this point and is excited about the great strides made over the last several weeks. Your Chair appreciates your consistent and detailed work and has asked for your help to critique a systematic review.

Review the attached systematic review article

Systematic Review Article

Utilize the Critiquing a Systematic Review worksheet provided and respond to the questions giving examples from the article. Complete the form in its entirety; if certain questions do not apply to the study, state “n/a”; do not leave any blanks. Note that “n/a” and “no” are not synonymous.

All answers must be substantive, using specific content from the article as support. Any answer that is the equivalent of “yes” or “no” will not receive full credit.

Include a title page and reference page.

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