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NRP555 Adult And Geriatric Management I

Week 3 Assignment

Evidence-Based Practice Case Study Episodic SOAP Note: Lauren Mesa Pt. 1

This week focused on current treatment strategies for common eyes, ears, nose, and throat disorders, including medications and nonpharmacological management.

Now it’s time to synthesize the subjective and objective information obtained in the visit to formulate differential diagnoses and a final diagnosis.

See the SOAP note template on Lauren Mesa.

Week 3 Case Study Lauren Mesa SOAP Note Template

Review the pertinent subjective and objective findings for Ms. Mesa and synthesize the data to formulate a comprehensive list of 3 differential diagnoses. Include your rationale for ruling each differential in or out and justify your clinical decision-making by citing and referencing evidence-based resources. Conclude the assignment with your final diagnosis and ICD 10 code.

Cite your references according to APA guidelines. Attach the references page to your SOAP Note.

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