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NRP556 Adult and Geriatric Management Ii

Week 7 Assignment

Pain Management Case Study

Assignment Content

This week focused on common musculoskeletal complaints you are likely to encounter as a primary care provider, the development of comprehensive treatment plans for suspected diagnosis, and medication management. It is time to practice your skills by completing a case for an established patient.

Watch the introductory video about demonstrating lawful practice.

Pain Management Case Study

Read the case study below and answer the questions associated with the scenario. Cite references according to APA guidelines.


A 41-year-old Hispanic male patient presents at the community walk-in clinic for an ER follow-up. He was seen yesterday for right knee pain after pivoting quickly during a soccer game. He hand carries an MRI report showing he was diagnosed with a full thickness ACL tear. He was discharged with a knee immobilizer, crutches, and ibuprofen for pain. He has a follow-up appointment with ortho in three days. He reports minimal relief with 800 mg ibuprofen qid, rest, ice, and elevation. Current pain level is reported at a 9 out of 10, and you note the patient to be uncomfortable and grimacing in pain.

Case Questions

You have decided to prescribe an opioid analgesic for this patient. What analgesic would you prescribe, and why?

Access your state’s prescribing guidelines. Based on these guidelines, how many days of the opioid would you provide? What resources are available to help you prescribe safely for this patient? Are there any database checks required by your state to help you identify potential issues with drug diversion? Summarize your state’s opioid prescribing guidelines. 

What are some additional nonpharmacological comfort measures to recommend for this patient?

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