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final Livelihood NW Client assignment is an individual assignment to complete the Marketing Recommendation Worksheet . for the assigned Livelihood NW Client.
The Marketing Recommendation worksheet involves creating an engaging title, defining the objective (provided by the Client), creating a position statement that recommends a need-based target market and a tactical change, and describing and illustrating the tactical recommendation such that the client can implement the recommendation, providing marketing research supporting the recommendation with evidence of customer value, estimating the tactic cost and timeline, and including any additional references and information necessary to support the recommendation
Finally, EXTRA CREDIT ALERT, for the competitive folks in the class, this assignment has the opportunity to earn an additional five (5) points of extra credit based on our Livelihood NW Client selecting your recommendations as a top-five pick. Our Client will evaluate all recommendations for their creativity, impact, and feasibility (on a 1-10 point scale). The winners will be announced privately before the end of the quarter and extra credit added to the final course grade.

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