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Week 3 Assignment

Human Resources Management

You will prepare an essay addressing one of the following options:


You have been asked to make technological recommendations for a talent management system.  You will first evaluate your current organization (or one you are interested in working with) and evaluate their current system and/or process to include what works well and areas needing improvement.  Using class resources as well as an Internet search, locate a program that you will recommend to meet the needs of your organization and, of course, justify your selection, addressing how it will fit the organization’s needs and goals.



Locate, identify, and discuss a minimum of 3 trends in talent management technology.  Describe in detail what these trends are, the pros and cons, and how it could affect your organization.  Also include recommendations on how your organization should respond to these trends.



Identify, discuss, and evaluate three talent management software programs.  Because you will not have access to the programs, you will need to be creative in your resources.  Often times, the software companies will publish and produce YouTube videos on the “how to”….you could also include a summary of reviews, research industrial and professional organizations, and, of course, technology journals.


Some things to remember….

1. Your paper (title page, paper, citations, and references) need to be in APA format.

2. NO abstract is required

3. Paper needs to be a  minimum of 5 pages in length.  This does not include your title or reference page.

4. Please use 3rd person; however, you can use first-person perspective where applicable and appropriate, i.e. describing your own role, distinguishing from your point of view and others, or writing is reflective or contains personal elements.

5. Do not forget to incorporate conceptual discussion when appropriate. 

6. You will use a  minimum of 5 sources.

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