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Leadership has long been associated with sport participation, as many essential leadership skills can be learned and honed in team sports, including goal setting, effective communication, problem solving, and conflict management. Just being part of a sport team is no guarantee that one is experiencing effective teamwork, however; sometimes a team is functioning as more of a group.

In the business world, the words group and team seem interchangeable, but smart managers realize there are subtle—but important—differences. Recognizing these differences will help sport administrators to more effectively lead people to achieve their organizational goals.

In The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, business guru and author Patrick Lencioni (2002) described what he believes to be stumbling blocks to teamwork:

1. absence of trust, 2. fear of conflict, 3. lack of commitment, 4. avoidance of accountability 5. inattention to results

What are the characteristics of effective groups that have transformed into teams?

This is the focus of your Discussion.


Post an answer to the question, “What is the difference between a group and a team?” How does a group become a team? Using characteristics and essential elements of teamwork, provide a sports team example that fulfills the criteria for being an effective team. Include your rationale for selecting the team.

FEEDBACK FROM PREVIOUS DISCUSSIONS: Instead of taking the specific points mentioned in the prompt, write in a fluid essay style…no need for the questions or subheadings. Indent paragraphs. Use APA format for references and include additional course materials. You are lacking citations for the problem you discussed, which is clearly medical in nature. The problem-solving strategies should come from the reading materials (e.g., cynefin, etc.). Make sure to use our learning materials beyond Scott. Put references in APA format (no first names for example), and there should always be more than one.

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