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What, in your opinion, is the best way for employers to reduce or control employee-associated costs? What is the impact on workforce planning, if any?  In answering the question, be sure to discuss the different elements of employee costs and articulate how much control employers might have over each component.


Mrs. Rodriguez brings Sophia, her 3-year-old, into the emergency department. Mrs. Rodriguez has been in the United States from Mexico for only 1 year and brings Sophia to the ER often with questions. This visit, Mrs. Rodriguez mentions to you that Sophia has been resistant to go to bed and often wakes crying and fearful. Mrs. Rodriquez thinks an evil spirit may be the cause of Sophia’s crying. As a CCLS, you know that fears are common in preschool-age children. What recommendations would you have regarding home care for Sophia’s fears, and how would you respond to Mrs. Rodriguez’s concern of the evil spirit?  Provide the developmental theory that guides your intervention.


Why is knowing (or estimating) the product demand so crucial for a firm? What are the differences between estimating and forecasting demand?  In your response, include an example of a business that has suffered from poorly forecasting the demand of its products. Evaluate how or why the business made such a mistake.


For a global or local business, compare and contrast the use of robots and AI systems in some business organization or endeavor. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the applications you found.

Do you agree with the statements of strengths or weaknesses for robots and AI presented by fellow students?  Defend your position.


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What criteria would you use to determine if AI is appropriate for a business? Explain the use of this criteria.


Looking closely at the science of Exercise Physiology and Sport Kinesiology; What are the moral and social implications of the ways the athlete’s body is protected, probed, monitored, tested, trained, disciplined, evaluated, manipulated, and rehabilitated within the traditions and new methods within your sport?

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