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1.Which group of people of the following has the greatest impact on population growth?


(b) menopausal women

(c) pre-pubescent women

(d) reproductive women

2. What is the current predicted doubling time for the world population?

(a)d, 50 years

(b) 19 years

(c) 83 years

(d) 40 years

3. What are the two positive components that contribute to growth rate?

(a) birth and immigration

(b)death and emigration

(c) birth and emigration

(d)death and immigration

4.With the global population constantly increasing, at some point food will become limited. What is a way that should NOT be used to help hold off this problem?

(a)government regulated sterilizations of people

(b)improve agricultural technologies to increase crop yield

(c)turn more land over for agricultural use

(d)use genetically-modified foods

5.If population growth continues without people taking action to slow the rate, natural factors may eventually reduce our growth rates. Examples of natural factors that could reduce population growth rates include: Choose all that apply. (Note: the correct answer may have one or more answer)

(a)depletion of natural resources.

(b)widespread food shortages.

(c)development of new places to live.

(d)disease pandemics.

6. What is NOT shown in an age pyramid?

(a)immigration rates

(b)population limits*

(c)age structure

(d)sex ratio

7. Age pyramids are predicted to keep the same basic shape for 20-30 years (while a generation is in one age class). Which of the following is NOT something that could drastically change an age pyramid?

(a)highly infectious deadly disease

(b)population boom

(c)better medication leading to lower mortality rates

(d)large-scale warfare

8. A certain town starts with a population of 100 in the year 2000. One year later the population is 110. In 2010 the population is 200, and by 2100 the population is 1100. This example shows:


(b) linear growth

(c)logistic growth

(d)exponential growth

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