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* Which of the following is an example of a small organic molecules that may be found in blood?

A) immunoglobulin

B) amino acid

C) NaCl

D) H2O

E) K+

* Which is not an example of a buffer system that helps maintain the pH of blood?

A) bicarbonate

B) phosphate

C) proteins

D) hydrochloric acid

* A blood cell will swell and burst if it is placed into ______ solution

A) hypotonic

B) hypertonic

C) isotonic

D) high pH

E) low pH

* What is the main function of Na+ and K+ ions in human body?

A) they serve as nutrients that cells use to create ATP

B) they create membrane potentials in excitable cells like neurons and muscle cells

C) they regulate pH of blood

D) they are major components of all proteins

E) they are major components of bone mineral matrix

* A pressure created by the presence of solutes, such as salts, sugars and proteins is called ______ pressure

A) hydrostatic

B) osmotic

C) hypertonic

D) systolic

E) interstitial

* The cells in the testis responsible for production of testosterone are called ______

A) spermatogonia

B)Leydig cells

C) oogonia

D) Sertoli cells

E) theca cells

* This structure is the site of sperm production _____

A) vas deferens

B) albuginea

C) raphe

D) epididymis

E) seminiferous tubule

* Which hormone directly stimulates testis to produce testosterone?






* Which of these pairs of organs have similar physiological functions?

A) testis; labia majora

B) vas deferens; fallopian tube

C) urinary bladder; ovary

D) glans penis; uterus

E) prostate; vagina

* Which of the following are the effects of testosterone?

A) development of male reproductive structures in an embryo

B) development and enlargement of male sex organa

C) development of male sexual characteristics

D) increased protein synthesis in cells

E) all the choices are correct

* Which part of the ovary is correctly described?

A) ovarian follicles contain oocytes at various stages of development

B) germinal epithelium gives rise to ova

C) the mature(Graafian) follicle produces progesterone

D) corpus luteum is a fluid-filled bubble ready to rupture and release secondary oocyte

E) the ovarian medulla is also called “corpus albicans”

* Which cells and hormones are produced by the ovaries?

A) primary oocytes, insulin and estradiol

B) secondary oocytes, progesterone and cortisol

C) secondary oocytes, estradiol and progesteron

D) tertiary oocytes, aldosterone and estradiol

E) primary oocytes, estradiol and testosterone

* Fertilization normally happens in ______

A) vas deferens

B) urethra

C) ovaries

D) vagina

E) fallopian tubes

*The portion of uterus that opens into vagina is called ______

A) cervix

B) urethra

C) uterine tube

D) inguinal canal

E) infundibulum

* Granulosa cells of the ovarian follicle secrete ______

A) testosterone


C) estradiol

D) mucus


* Which of the following is not true of the uterus?

A) pathway for sperm

B) source of menstrual flow

C) site of fetus development

D) site of embryo implantation

E) not involved in labor

* During its development one spermatogoinum produces ___ mature sperm cell(s) ; one oogonium produces ____mature egg cell(s)

A) 1; 1

B) 4 ; 2

C) 4 ; 1

D) 2; 2

E) 1; 4

* The hormone that is made only by an embryo and is detected by pregnancy tests is called ______


B) hCG


D) hGH

E) fetal estrogen

* Corpus luteum is present in the ovary during which phase of uterine cycle?

A) menstrual phase

B) secretory phase

C) follicular phase

D) preovulatory phase

E) proliferative phase

* The funnel-shaped end of the fallopian tube is called ______

A) infundibulum

B) ampulla

C) cervix

D) fornix

E) isthmus

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