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Question 8

Which of the following is true about propaganda?

A. It is based on disclosure of little-known facts

B. It is information used to shape public opinion.

C. It is always false.


Capitalism is an economic system in which there is:

A. Pursuit of collective interests.

B. Private ownership of productive property.

C.Government control of production.


What theoretical approach does this statement illustrate: The family perpetuates social inequality by handing down wealth from one generation to the next.

A. Social-Conflict approach

B.Symbolic-Interaction approach

C.Structural-Functional approach


Why do conflict theorists suggest that stratification occurs?

A . Individuals use coercion and exploitation to accumulate scarce resources.

B.Society has unequal needs for different types of work.

C. Individuals have unequal desires to work.

D.Society is inefficient in its distribution of resources.


What does game theory assume about crowds?

A. Crowds respond emotionally to events.

B. Actors consider crowd behavior fun

C. Crowds do not take what they are doing seriously.

D. Actors use strategy in crowd behavior.


Demography is defined as the study of:

A. The physical environment.

B.Human culture.

C. Human population.

D. Democratic politics.


What theoretical approach does this statement illustrate: Religion justifies the status quo, and discourages changes toward a more just and equal society.

A.Symbolic-Interaction approach

B.Social-Conflict approach

C. Structural-Functional approach

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