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Here’s the instructions for your Psychology of Women Paper.  There are two parts to this paper: 

1) Commentary on Geena Davis’s Documentary, This Changes Everything; and,

2) Watch a movie that you choose and report your findings, based on your knowledge from the documentary. 

The total paper will be five to six pages (not including the title page or reference page).  Please double spaced, using 12 point font, with one inch margins.  Use a normal style font like Arial or Helvetica.  Turnitin will do grammar and spell check.  (Please do not submit a Google Doc, Txt or Page document, as it’s unreadable by Canvas/Turnitin.  Go here if you need Office 365 for free) 

Don’t forget in a college paper, you must site your source for paraphrases (information found elsewhere that you put into your own words) and for quotations (direct quotations from a source that is not you).  You site your source inside the paper (Etough, 2018). and also create a Reference Page at the end of the paper including all sources.  Go here for examples in creating an APA Reference Page  

If you need help, The Writing Center at Citrus is now using NetTutor and Pisces.  Links found on the left hand side of the screen in Canvas.  Please find the rubric I’ll be using to grade below.

PART 1 (Part 1 and Part 2 can be in ONE 6 page paper)

1) Please watch Geena Davis’s amazing and informative documentary, This Changes Everything.  

After viewing the film, you’ll then write a self reflective paper, following these guidelines: This should be around 3 pages.  The first section of your paper is about This Changes Everything – please answer the following questions in an essay format:

  • Do you agree with the film-makers perspective/point of view? Why or Why not?
  • Explain how you feel this film would be received by Americans 25 years ago? 50 years ago? 100 years ago? For example, where there historical marches or passages of laws that pertain to women 25 years ago?  (1990’s)  50 years ago? (1970’s or 1960’s) 100 years ago (1920’s).  Please mention all three time periods.
  • What psychological theories and/or terminology from our textbook and PowerPoints, apply to issues discussed in the documentary?  Please explain.
  • Explain how the themes in the documentary relate to current day issues for American women and their families.
  • NEXT: PART 2
    2). For the second part of your paper (This should be around 3 pages):  Watch a movie of your choosing!  Now that you’re educated on what to look for in the documentary, let’s put your knowledge to the test!  Be sure to view your movie using the following criteria; and, report your findings and reflections about the information you discover, in an essay format:
    A. Give an overview about what the film is about and its title.  
  • Who are the main characters in the film?  (So I understand the film and what it’s about).
    B.  How many women are in the film?
    1. How many women have large roles? Do they have a lot of dialogue (over 20 lines?)
    2. What roles are the women in? (maids, mothers, bankers?)
    3. What are the approximate ages of the women in the film?  
    C.  Are there women of color in the film?
    1. How many women of color are in the film? How many lines do women of color have in the film?
    2. What are the roles being played by women of color?
    3. What are the approximate ages of the women of color in the film?
    D.  What are your personal reflections, recommendations, insights, advice or wisdom, about viewing your film through the information given by This Changes Everything Documentary?  Generally, what is your take-away?
    Be sure to include a title page and a reference page with your paper.  It’s important to site your sources for paraphrases and “quotations”.  Thanks!
  • citation for movie : Donahue, T. (Director). (2018). This Changes Everything [Video file]. Good Deed Entertainment. Retrieved July 13, 2020, from Kanopy.
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